Don’t Be Scared To Hire | Sales Tip

I know there are a lot of small businesses and startup businesses that pay attention to my site. Often, they come to me and they say, “Colleen, should I build out my sales team? It seems kind of expensive and cumbersome.”

Look, you can’t expect anyone to successfully sell your product before you can do it successfully yourself. How do you train a team of people who aren’t your employees to sell your products if you haven’t been successful yourself?

Hiring resellers could be a good step for your organization but not before you’ve had at least a team, a small team of people sell, deliver and work through all the challenges that are involved in that sale internally.

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So make sure that you hire one or two sales people on your own, master the process of sales and implementation internally and then look externally. You’ll be the better for it.

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2 responses to “Don’t Be Scared To Hire | Sales Tip

  1. I think this is a very succinct and effective tip that all people looking to grow their sales business can learn from. Nothing beats the experience of hiring on a couple of sales team members and seeing how much success you can generate. I would love to add that administering personality tests to your potential candidates may help you pinpoint the exact type of talent you are looking for. This may give you better results in the end. Thanks for sharing, I am sure your readers will benefit!

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