I Repeat: Ask for the Sale! | Sales Strategies

If you have been listening to me or following my work for any length of time, you know that I consistently implore and demand that you start asking for the sale more. In fact, we know that this is why so many deals and opportunities do not get closed. 


3 Steps to Double-Digit Sales Growth | Sales Strategies

A client once reported to me that the work we did with them last year is creating 35% more revenue to the company than it did in previous years. Now that's an exceptional result, but rather than just giving myself a pat on the back, I just hired him to sit down and dissect what we did for them so that I could let you know how to get the same results. I realized it was three basic things.


Handling Objections like a Pro | Sales Tips

One thing that I've noticed recently is that sellers aren’t always good at learning how to pivot. During the qualification stage, we get thrown for a loop sometimes. A prospect or a buyer answers in a way that we weren't expecting, yet we need to stay on track and pivot with another question.


Engage in Conversation, Not Combat | Sales Tips

Far too often sales reps get into combat with their customers over questions and objections and you can get into combat if you want to win the sale, you have to stay in conversations. So how do we do that?


Sales Advice from Mike Tyson | Sales Tips

Mike Tyson once said, you know, everybody has a set plan they're going to use until they step in the ring and they get punched in the face. It may be a strange reference when talking about sales but it's more applicable than you think. We get punched in the face proverbially of course with every sale call we make, meaning a question comes in from left field that we weren’t prepared for, the prospect or the customer says something that we weren’t prepared for and being unprepared is a terrible mistake to make in sales.


3 Questions, 3 Answers

The best way for you to receive answers is to ask questions! The more knowledge you possess, the better your chances of achieving consistent success with your sales! The following three questions are often asked by salespeople. These answers will provide you with the information you need to take yourself to greater heights. 1. How can I prove to my manager that I am worthy of a promotion?

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