3 Questions, 3 Answers

RefreshBlogOctober14th The best way for you to receive answers is to ask questions! The more knowledge you possess, the better your chances of achieving consistent success with your sales!

The following three questions are often asked by salespeople. These answers will provide you with the information you need to take yourself to greater heights.

1. How can I prove to my manager that I am worthy of a promotion?

As an employee you must make yourself irreplaceable. In fact, the best way to separate yourself from the pack and be worthy of a promotion is to make yourself more valuable. Be the best employee you can be and take on as many positions in your company as possible. Show your employers that you can sell multiple products, both direct and indirect, on the phone and in person. Offer extra support if your company is short staffed. Ask to lead a sales meeting and present ideas you know will help other sales team members. Read sales books (like Nonstop Sales Boom) to increase your sales knowledge and demonstrate that you are worthy of a promotion.

2.  I’m scared to make cold calls. Can you help?

Ask yourself…what are you more afraid of, making cold calls, or not being able to provide for yourself and your family? For me, it’s the latter. I know that making calls leads to sales, and sales lead to money. If I’m hesitant to make calls on any given day, I simply think about what the successful calls mean to me and my business!

The next time you feel scared of making a call, close your eyes and picture the perfect sales call! Imagine yourself making the sale and earning a large commission. What does that money feel like in your hands? Now open your eyes. How do you feel about making calls? Chances are you’re feeling a little better. Get them done!

3.  Colleen, I’m often unmotivated to start my work day. What can I do?

You are definitely not the only salesperson who has been inflicted with this problem. The best way to create motivation is by taking action. You are currently reversing the formula and waiting for the motivation to start your day. Start with simple tasks each morning to get the ball rolling. Create a daily to-do list for your day so you can organize exactly what needs to be done. This removes the clutter from your mind and organizes it into a format which is easier to process.

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Regardless of your sales results, there is always room to grow and improve. Challenge yourself by seeking the answers to tough questions so you can use that knowledge and apply it. When you grow and improve, your sales do too!

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