Silver balls balancing.

Top Sellers Treat Prospects Like This…

How much attention are you paying to the way your sales team is engaging with their buyers? Why, you ask? Well, there's a big difference between the way mediocre or poor performers interact with their buyers compared to how top performers do. Average salespeople view and regard their prospects as one of two things: 1. superior to them or 2. inferior to them. Let me explain.

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Businessman stopping dominoes, highlighting idea of pinch points.

Where Are Your Pinch Points?

A lack of speed kills sales. We live in an "on-demand" world. Your favourite show or movie is available on Netflix at the click of a button. Your closest family and friends are all "in your pocket" and a quick text away. This "on-demand" culture isn't limited to entertainment. It translates to the business world as well.

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Hands of salespeople, working on sales strategy.

Why Sales Strategies Fail

Have you ever put together a sales strategy which you believed to be near flawless, only to see it fail in the long run? In my years of consulting, I have rarely (and I mean rarely!) come across a seriously flawed sales strategy. However, I have come across many (and I mean many!) sales strategies which ultimately fail. So, what’s the missing link? If most sales strategies are sound and concrete, why do so few of them make a lasting impact?

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Key inserted in a puzzle key hole, highlighting a sales team key trait.

Your Sales Team Needs This Key Trait

Do your team members possess the key trait for sales success? People are always asking me what they think the number one personality trait of a successful salesperson should be.

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Hand holding chalk highlighting concept of hiring the right salesperson.

Hiring the Right Salesperson

Hiring the right salesperson for your team can be a hassle. They can have all the right experience, results, and seem like an ideal fit during an interview.

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Don’t Make Everyone Your Customer

Some sellers (erroneously) believe that they should be attempting to sell to anyone and everyone. This is, counterintuitively to some, an excellent recipe to create a disaster.

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