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Loyalty Is an Inside Job, Too

Recently, I talked about customer loyalty and how it’s your job—not theirs—to create ideal conditions for them to stick with you. But what about within your organization? It matters here, too.

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Hunters vs. Farmers: Making It Work | Sales Strategies

One of my clients recently told me that they wanted to divide their sales team up into “hunters” and “farmers.” It's not an ideal structure in my mind, but they wanted to go through with this and believed it was best for their business. Thus, I tried to find ways to make it work for them. In particular, here’s what I discovered. 

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Ask Your Sales Team These Questions

It's easy to get "bogged down" by our daily tasks, calls, meetings, emails, coaching, and so on. But, in the midst of the never-ending list of "to-dos," don't forget to "information gather" and ask your sales team these questions:

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3 Ways to Repel Your Clients

As the pandemic continues, client retention is more important than ever before. Let's discuss three ways you may be repelling your clients, so you can avoid this behavior and keep them!

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