How to Keep Your Sales Team Engaged

With uncertainty and disruption being the theme of 2020, you need to know how to keep your sales team engaged.

Let’s face it, some industries are doing exceptionally well, but many have struggled since the start of the pandemic. And, even with more and more businesses reopening, nobody is quite certain what the future will hold and restrictions remain on most industries indefinitely.

So, in the midst of all of this unpredictability, how do you keep your sales team engaged?

Here are a few ideas:

1) Offer “Outside The Box” Support

Your sales team might be finding it tough if they’re used to an office environment and thrive around other people.

Some sellers might need support outside of the obvious. That is, while your sales team should obviously still be coached and provided the necessary means to succeed, they may need additional help in the form of virtual team meetings (work-related or “free time” to chat among their colleagues) to emulate the social environment they’re used to.

Like It or Not: It’s All Video by Default Now

If your sales team operates in the same general vicinity, you could even arrange “lunch check-ups” on a local patio that follows social distancing and general protocols relative to your area.

As a sales leader, you need to put yourself in “your sales team‘s shoes” and anticipate support they might need even if they’re not vocalizing it.

2) Share Wins Openly

Each time a member of your team produces a notable result, share it among your entire team. You can do this via a conference call, email, or group chat to highlight the wins your team is still making despite today’s climate.

This keeps the seller who’s creating results feeling appreciated, and demonstrates to your team what’s possible.

If you’re in a particular industry where wins are hard to come by right now, do your due diligence and find case studies of sales teams that are succeeding in your industry or similar ones. I promise, they’re out there in some capacity!

3) Ask!

If you’re unsure how your team is holding up, ask! Conduct a “courtesy check” on each of your team members and ask how they, their families, and their loved ones are holding up and if you can offer any support.

This gesture goes a long way in not only getting the answer you seek, but also in showing your team that you value their well-being.

Sales is tough as it is. It wasn’t a walk in the park before the pandemic, and certainly isn’t now either.

As a sales leader, do what’s necessary to ensure your sales team remains engaged, supported and successfulnow and in the future.