Key inserted in a puzzle key hole, highlighting a sales team key trait.

Your Sales Team Needs This Key Trait

Do your team members possess the key trait for sales success? People are always asking me what they think the number one personality trait of a successful salesperson should be.

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My Simple Approach for Implementing New Sales Skills | Sales Strategies

Over the last 12 to 16 months, I have been working with clients to help them implement a new sales methodology. And I'm telling you we have come up with a magic formula for implementation accountability and producing great results. This entails a bi-weekly 30-minute sales meeting that’s focused on one narrow skill area that you want your salespeople to accomplish and master.


Key Skills for Prospective Sellers | Sales Tips

Last year, I was interviewed by Maclean's Magazine. They asked me what specific courses a student needed to take in order to get a good sales education coming out of university and going into the workplace.


Building the Ideal Sales Curriculum | Sales Tips

I was interviewed by one of Canada’s national magazines on the University education for sales people, as well as why there weren’t many sales programs offered and what courses should be offered for people who want to pursue sales as a career.