The Ideal Job Candidate

Are you looking to create a bigger impact on potential employers? Do you want to stand out as a candidate? I often provide sales tips and advice for salespeople who are already well-established in their roles or companies. However, the sales world is ever-changing, fluid, and subject to adaptations as time goes on. When you need a change and begin searching for new sales employment, it’s important to stand out as a candidate. After all, let’s be honest, salespeople these days are a dime-a-dozen. Sadly, most resumes are mechanical, robotic descriptions of previous employment and activities. To truly make a statement, you need to focus on results.

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For The Love of Sales

What puts a smile on your face and reminds you of how much you enjoy the field you’re in? For me, it’s reassurance from my readers and clients. The feeling you get when you realize you’re making an impact on people is indescribable. Here’s a quick message I received in regards to a meeting request: “Yes, let’s meet face to face for sure!  I might even ask for your autograph since, with how much I watch your amazing videos – you’re kinda like a sales training celebrity/hero to me” Receiving messages like this is nothing short of an honor. When you’re doing what you love, and sharing it with the masses, receiving positive reinforcement (even when you don’t request any) is inevitable. ← Click To Tweet

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