The Ideal Job Candidate

MARCH11Are you looking to create a bigger impact on potential employers? Do you want to stand out as a candidate?

I often provide sales tips and advice for salespeople who are already well-established in their roles or companies. However, the sales world is ever-changing, fluid, and subject to adaptations as time goes on.

When you need a change and begin searching for new sales employment, it’s important to stand out as a candidate. After all, let’s be honest, salespeople these days are a dime-a-dozen.

Sadly, most resumes are mechanical, robotic descriptions of previous employment and activities. To truly make a statement, you need to focus on results.

1. Describe growth. If you were able to create quantifiable increases in specific categories which would look good to new employers…talk about it!

2. Include metrics. What’s your closing ratio? How about your average sales size? Do you know your sales conversion time from prospect to close? How do those numbers stack up against your past employers’ averages, or industry benchmarks?

3. Use testimonials. Gather quotes from past managers, clients, and colleagues that can offer proof that you have been successful in past jobs.

During interviews, it’s important to be prepared not only with your successes and accomplishments, but also by knowing your mistakes and failures, as well as how you rebounded afterwards.

Don’t be a know-it-all. Instead, approach potential employers from a place of “humble confidence.” Ensure your potential employers that you are willing to learn, and don’t claim to know all the answers.

Above all else…be honest! If you lie, or even stretch the truth on a resume or an interview, sooner or later, you will get caught! ← Click To Tweet

It’s always important to search for ways that you can make yourself standout. Especially when you are seeking new sales employment.

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What’s one way you’ve made yourself stand out to employers in the past?