How to Raise Your Prices Without Getting Burned

Are you considering raising your prices in 2016? Many salespeople look at raising prices with a grain of salt, a double-edged sword if you will. <-- Click To Tweet On one hand, raising prices means more earnings and greater profits. On the other hand, it could upset or scare away your current client base. Price increases are definitely worth approaching strategically. It’s true, there’s a definite and obvious upside of charging more for your products and services. But, if you lose your current clients in the process, is it doing any good? The good news is there is a way to raise your prices while still minimizing its impact on your current client base. In fact, there are three steps you can take to increase your chances of gaining all the benefits of a price increase without having to deal with the downside.

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The 13 Customer Laws

Are you truly catering to your customers? It’s one thing to provide a great product or service, but unfortunately, that’s where the experience stops for many people. Sales is all about truly understanding your clients’ needs and issues. Their experience with you should not end immediately after their signature is on paper. The way I see it, all customers want the same 13 things from you. That’s right. Regardless of the industry you’re in, or the product you sell, customers all essentially buy and remain loyal for the same core reasons. <-- Click To Tweet Stay true to all of them and you will develop a loyal and profitable customer base who will refer you to everyone they know!

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