A Little Bit of Paranoia Goes a Long Way | Sales Strategies

The best behavior that you can exhibit in order to retain the vast majority of your customers is a healthy sense of paranoia.

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Why? Because it forces you to think like a competitor. When you’re a little bit paranoid about what might be going on inside your accounts, it forces you to think, “How would I discredit myself? How would I position new products or services? What relationships would I develop?” When you think this way, you can go out and proactively prevent it from happening.

A great exercise to do with your team is to sit in a room, think of your very best customers, and brainstorm all of the ways a competitor might try to get inside your prospect’s mind. Then, work proactively to find solutions to every single one of those tactics. Doing so will dramatically increase your retention. Let’s face it: you can’t accelerate your sales if you’re losing your customers.

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  1. Excellent. I have always thought of how we can shore up any holes to keep competitors out. Basically, the best offense is the best defense strategy!

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