How to Answer “How Much?” | Sales Strategies

Today, we're going to talk about value and specifically selling value instead of price. If I had to guess, 75% of the times that I'm in front of an audience, the salespeople say, "My clients don't care about value. They only care about price and they're just driving us down to this race of zero margins."


An Important Key for Client Success

Do you ever feel as though you're not doing quite enough for your client? You've delivered everything that you promised to deliver, and the client seems to be happy with the services and products you have provided them. Still, you just can't shake this feeling that not enough is being offered to them by you and your team. It's quite a natural feeling. In a world where client retention is such an important metric in the success of your business, it's completely normal to feel a little bit uneasy about where you stand with your clients. Even if they haven't been given any reason to feel on edge, many sales leaders and business owners struggle with the possibility that they may not be providing enough value for their clients. Is there a solution? Of course there is!

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