How to Answer “How Much?” | Sales Strategies

Today, we’re going to talk about value and specifically selling value instead of price. If I had to guess, 75% of the times that I’m in front of an audience, the salespeople say, “My clients don’t care about value. They only care about price and they’re just driving us down to this race of zero margins.”

After talking to them and their leadership teams, I discovered that that’s not true at all. Clients do actually care about value. The problem is that we’re not communicating the value that the customers want. So here is the strategy that you and your team should be using to try to position value instead of price on every sales call.

[bctt tweet=”Make sure that everyone is asking what the client’s objectives are. ” username=”EngageColleen”]

What do they value? What are they trying to accomplish with the project, product, or service you’re trying to sell to them? Then ask how will they measure that success. If the client is looking for decreased costs, decreased labor or a return on investment, make sure that you clearly know what that means and how they’ll be able to measure that success.

The next thing you should ask is why that is important to them and how important is that on their list of priorities. Then you’ll know whether there is urgency around this value. If the client hasn’t communicated some kind of objective or value that you as a salesperson think is important, bring it up and say, “Other clients have also found value in…”, then list your items.

If a client says, “We don’t care about that”, leave it out of the proposal and further discussions because it’s not relevant. However, if the client says, “That is very important to us. We should include that as well”, then you can add value to both the discussion and your presentations.

Remember that the customer only cares about the value that’s important to them. They don’t care about the value that’s important to you. During your qualification process, make sure that you tease out that value and make it become objective so that you can include it in your proposals.

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