An Important Key for Client Success

Feb20 Do you ever feel as though you’re not doing quite enough for your client?

You’ve delivered everything that you promised to deliver, and the client seems to be happy with the services and products you have provided them. Still, you just can’t shake this feeling that not enough is being offered to them by you and your team.

It’s quite a natural feeling. In a world where client retention is such an important metric in the success of your business, it’s completely normal to feel a little bit uneasy about where you stand with your clients. Even if they haven’t been given any reason to feel on edge, many sales leaders and business owners struggle with the possibility that they may not be providing enough value for their clients.

Is there a solution? Of course there is!

When you provide value for free to your client in the form of information they can apply professionally or personally, you are giving them the greatest form of acknowledgement. It’s important to note, I’m not saying you should be giving away your products and services free of charge (although I’m sure your clients would secretly appreciate that!).

Instead, consider providing your clients complimentary information. Research, white papers, articles, and access to other professionals are great pieces of valuable information that can assist your client in growing both their business and themselves as professionals.

By doing so, you are directly providing additional value to your client, and you are also solidifying your position as an experienced leader in your industry. Showcasing your knowledge in your field will also provide you with many more opportunities for growth than just being another business that offers service X or product Y. ← Click To Tweet

It doesn’t stop there. You can additionally provide your client with material that is related to their industry, but geared toward your client in a more personal fashion.

For example, one client I work with provides her VP of HR clients with wellness and stress reduction advice. Another client I work with in the banking industry provides interesting research on alternative investing for fun, such as investing in art, collectibles and even professional poker players!

The whole notion behind gratuitously providing valuable information is to demonstrate to your clients that you care about them both on a professional and a personal level.

Also, when you go beyond simply providing services and products to your clients, you’re able to rest easy knowing that you’re providing them with more than the bare minimum. By delivering additional value to your client, you will often be rewarded with loyalty, referrals, repeat sales and verbal reassurance that they are being well looked after by you and your team.

If you’re brainstorming additional ways to become a more valuable sales leader to your clients, The Sales Accelerator Program can help you get there.

What is your favorite way to provide additional value to your clients? Comment below, we’d love to hear your insights!