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Don’t Overcomplicate It! | Sales Tips

I’ve noticed something about sales managers, companies and even salespeople. They tend to overcomplicate the selling process. Could members of your sales team be falling victim to this trap?

There are only four things that you need to do in every single sales process, so keep it simple. (more…)

The Critical Way Buyers Have Changed

You may have noticed an interesting trend that has recently picked up steam.

Buyers are looking less for experts (this is not an excuse to NOT be an expert, by the way) and they’re increasingly looking for peers.

They want someone is equal to them and at the same level as them, even if they hold different titles from the person they’re buying from.

Here are two important steps you need to consider if you want to be perceived as a peer and build trust with your customers:


How to Hire The Right Salesperson

How can you ensure that you’re hiring the right people to join your sales team?

Many sales leaders have been asking me how to hire new sales reps and build a profitable team.

I often suggest taking a step back before conducting interviews and hiring a new team member. There are a few things you need to do before you proceed with interviews in order to ensure that you hire the right person and create the best team possible. (more…)

The Trait All Sellers Need | Sales Tips

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what makes a successful salesperson and I realize that one of the key components of all the top performers that I talk to is resilience. They are absolutely committed to keep going even in the face of adversity.


The Secret to Breaking Out of a Sales Slump

Trying to motivate a member of your sales team to break out of a sales slump?

No matter their skill level, ambition, and work ethic, even the best of salespeople go through a period where they create less than desirable results. And, if they stay in this pattern for too long, they tend to lose confidence in their own abilities and throw themselves even deeper into a negative spiral.

So, what’s the real secret behind helping your reps get back on track when they’re struggling? (more…)

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