Live from Dreamforce, Day 3: The Power of Community

It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco today and another busy day at Dreamforce! I spent the day with Adobe in the Adobe Sign Signature Lounge shooting video and talking to people about the future of sales.  You can check out my Facebook live interview with Joe from Adobe here. The message about community obviously resonated with people as it’s had over 1.5k views today.

We started our conversation about creating customer experiences. I believe that customers and employees want to experience a community. Dreamforce is an example of a customer experience community that we should all strive to emulate. Dreamforce is a community where:

  • Customers book their hotel rooms one year in advance, pay $850 a night and then whine about it to each other with pride! It’s a shared bonding experience and a badge of honour.
  • Everyone walking the show uses the Dreamforce show backpack and water bottle.
  • Over low rooms are standing room only for the keynote address – people actually attend the sessions!
  • Attendees line up before breakout sessions to ensure they can get a seat.
  • All restaurants in walking distance are closed for three days due to constant private parties.

This is a community that customers LOVE to be a part of. They network with everyone, advocate on Salesforce’s behalf and participate fully. This increases loyalty, and of course revenue. I wrote about it first in Nonstop Sales Boom and you can read more in this article.

Customers don’t want to be in tribes. Tribes are disparate, at war, and work against each other. Clients don’t want partnerships. A Partnership presupposes that you are outsiders. Clients want to be insiders, and specifically, they want to be inside your community. This is the experience that will lead to accelerated growth.