Are You Building a Community?

I made many observations at Dreamforce 2016. One of the major points I noted about Dreamforce is that they have built an entire community around customer success and

Even with over 170,000 attending the event, you can’t help but feel “at home” and a part of “something” at Dreamforce. There were complete strangers enjoying a game of ping-pong together, individuals from opposite sides of the continent singing along together to tribute bands, and professionals from countless industries and positions sharing insights and expertise.

We all found a way to bond over this very community that Salesforce has created.

My question to you is this, what are you doing to build a community for your customers? Customers don’t want to be in “tribes” or “partnerships” anymore, they want to be in a community, or in other words, they want to be a part of an exclusive community similar to what Dreamforce has become. Create a community that your customers can get excited about. By doing so, you’ll increase customer loyalty while growing your relationship with your buyers. Who knows, maybe one day your community will gather together and create a similar phenomenon to Dreamforce!