Your Dashboard Needs this Metric

Your sales dashboard might tell a story, but is it the right one? Imagine if your dashboard actually prompted you to take the right action…

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There’s been a lot of talk these days about what a good sales dashboard looks like for an individual seller.
And there’s some baseline information that I think is really important that everybody has in their dashboard.
And that is key performance metrics to date, your activities, the opportunities created, maybe the value of those opportunities relative to goal.
And this is the key that most people forget when they’re creating their dashboards.
They have all of these great metrics that show them what they’re doing, but they’re not comparing it to where they need to be in order to hit their goal.
And the metrics without the relative success or failure to their goal for that month or quarter are useless.
So make sure when you’re building those reports as a sales rep or as a manager, or maybe your a sales engagement or sales operations person listening to this, that you always show the reports that say, here’s what the goal was and here’s what our result was.
That way, every month, the sales rep well, every week, every day the sales rep can gauge how they need to either course correct or stay the course.

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