How NOT to Sound Like the Competition

“We’re the best!”… Tired of sounding like everyone else? Here’s how to make your pitch truly stand out.

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I was in a meeting with a customer the other day and they said to me, man, we gotta stop sounding like the competition.
And, well, I knew he was right.
I asked, well, what do you mean by that? He said, well, my guys go out and they say, we have the best products and the best service and we can help them save money.
But everybody says that.
I mean, nobody is going into a prospect and saying we’re mediocre and we might cost you, right? So he’s absolutely right.
You’ve got to stop sounding like the competition, because when you do, the customer commoditizes you.
They say, well, y’all sounded the same, so I may as well go with the cheapest product.
So how do you fix this? Well, you have to think about how your product adds value to the organization in unique or unusual ways.
Ways that your competition isn’t talking about, or maybe ways that aren’t even on their radar.
Is there a safety aspect? Can you be talking about the value to employees or your HR department about reducing compensation claims or repetitive strain and injuries? Can you talk about making them more money instead of saving them money? Can you talk to them about safety of equipment or building safety, or can you show them how to automate in ways that will then reduce their reliance on having to hire more people? When you create that unique value and you can talk to unique stakeholders inside your organization, the competition can’t touch you.

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