The Fastest Way to Anger Your Team

I know you’re wearing a lot of hats in your role, and it’s tempting to jump in and play along with the team. But it’s creating dysfunction and animosity on your team. Find out why…

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So this one is for the sales managers out there who think they’re being effective by being a player-coach.
And maybe the executives or the owners of the business who think it’s a good idea too.
I can tell you it’s not.
It’s creating dysfunction and animosity on your team. Why? Because your sales team thinks your competitive with them.
Now, I know that might not be your intention, but your sales team thinks you are competitive with them and you don’t care about them as much as you care about themselves.
Ultimately, your sales team will not perform well, and they’ll leave you for a manager who cares more about the team than they do about themselves.
And this is a really critical mindset that we have to pay attention to as a player coach, it shows that you love to play more than you love to coach, and you’re always going to default to the time spent with the customer or the lead, or the opportunity.
You’re going to cancel meetings and coaching sessions because a customer needs you.
You’re going to be seen as taking the best opportunities and be seen as preventing your sales team from earning.
Now, again, I know that might not be your intention.
You like to keep your toe in the water to make sure that your, you know, staying up with the game and understanding selling.
Do that in a team environment.
Don’t put your team at risk by competing against them and that’s exactly what player-coaches do.

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