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How do you sell in a hybrid selling environment?

Many of you are in sales teams and will have teammates that are either from your company, partner company, or supplier company. And you could very well be that local, on the ground, and feet on the street salesperson that can drive to see your customer. However, those who are flying have to stay in hotels and are restricted in their travel. Thus, they have to participate through video.

How Do We Participate Through Video Effectively? 

There are three video tips I want to highlight and some of them may seem elementary, but I have seen several mistakes that could be easily avoided.

1. Always have a power source for your laptop.

One of my clients participated in one of these hybrid sales meetings with what he thought was a fully charged laptop. Halfway through the meeting, his computer died. Thus, always ensure you have a power source!

2. Make sure the customers can see each other.

When it comes to your video platform, ensure that the video camera is showing the customers so that they can see each other. You are less important to the person on video.

3. One camera per person.

If there’s going to be multiple people in the meeting from your client site, it may be more effective for them to participate remotely. In other words, one camera per person. It can be very ineffectual to have five or six people gathered around a table and one camera. You can’t hear them, you can’t see them, there’s background noise, and it doesn’t create a positive environment.

I suspect that many of you are going to be in this selling environment for a number of months—perhaps into January 2021. Thus, you need to master video technology now.

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  2. I totally agree with you, these look to be elementary but most of the times people do elementary mistakes only and impact is too negative.
    Some times people are not deploying the bandwidth required to show the video etc which really ensures that the impact of your presentation is missed.

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