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Many of you are getting ready to go back to work or are already in the field making sales calls. However, some of you are facing an unexpected obstacle: you are ready to see your clients, but they’re not ready to see you.

Recently, one of my clients in Louisiana made a sales call with an existing customer—a customer who they had a long-term relationship with. They were asked to sign a 62-page legal document, outlining the terms and conditions for them to be allowed on site. What do we do in these situations/environments?

Embrace Video

We need to embrace video on an ongoing basis because, even if you sign that document, it might be uncomfortable for you and your customer to be on site. You’ll undoubtedly have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), stay six feet away, and you probably will not get a chance to wander around the office as you normally would. In these cases, video is actually going to be a better way for you to build and maintain their relationship.

Using Video for Quarterly, Monthly, or Biannual Business Reviews

With your existing customers, the best instance to incorporate video is through ongoing quarterly, monthly, or biannual business reviews. Gather all of your customers together or separately in their spaces. Also, gather all of your employees together or separately in your offices. And indeed, conduct those business reviews through video conferences. In doing so, you’re going to discover two things. First, they will include more of their people in these calls because it’s easier, less effort, and less threatening for them to join via video than they would if they were on site. Second, you’ll be able to improve and increase the cadence of these reviews on a more regular basis. Since there is indeed less effort for people to join via video, you are truly going to be able to conduct these business reviews more regularly and consistently.

It’s imperative to now incorporate video for quarterly, monthly, or biannual business reviews with your clients. It’s cost-effective, more engaging, and will help you enhance and grow the relationship.

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  2. I conducted all territory planning sessions via video conferencing. The discussions were engaging. The sessions also helped them prepare for future customer interactions.

  3. I agree 100% about video conferencing. Since COVID, my team hasn’t missed a beat with their clients by meeting them via video.

    My team also uses direct video email when confirming before, and following up after their meetings. They find it helps them build deeper connections with prospects in a shorter period of time and greater rapport with existing clients.

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