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Today, I’m decreeing a ban on corporate marketing materials for salespeople. I want to ban salespeople from using them, ban marketing teams from producing them, and maybe even ban the entire industry. Why?

[bctt tweet=”Far too many sellers and companies default to using corporate marketing materials to pitch to customers on a first meeting.” username=”EngageColleen”]

They say, “Well, these people don’t know anything about us, Colleen. We have to introduce them to our company, the people we employ, etc.” They spew this out at the first meeting with a prospect and it’s entirely irrelevant to the relationship. It’s premature and actually repellent behaviour so stop using it.

Instead of pitching to your prospects, go into the first sales call with nothing but the questions armed in your head that you need to ask and the relationship building skills that you can use in order to create a long-term, lasting relationship.

So that’s my strategy for today: no more corporate marketing materials. None of that stuff matters until a customer knows that you can help them with their problem and they can trust you.


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  1. Thank you for saying this…. I have long said you don’t need anything when you first meet a prospect. I’m convinced that when you do bring in a brochure it distracts you from the real mission of making a friend, starting a relationship and gaining trust.

    If you have never met them, you don’t know what is important to them, so why bring a brochure on anything?

  2. Great topic! Too often the “presentation” is a Sales Pitch (focusing on “our problem” – we need to sell more) rather than finding out about the Customer, their needs and how “we can help them with their needs/problems to be solved”.

  3. I agree, that the main objective is to build trust to solve their problems, but in order to do that, does it not help the customer in order to gain that trust, to know who they are dealing with?
    I get that pushing information from the company they dont care, is useless,even contra productive but, it may be need to know or better yet, whatever is prudent to the problem

  4. As usual Colleen you have hit the nail on the head ! Certainly shows respect for the prospect and how our experience and possible solutions can win the day. Thanks Colleen.
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  5. Great advice! Too many salespeople only focus on pitching their company and what the company can do for them; when in fact, their focus should be on learning what problems the prospective customer has and offering them some solutions!

  6. Great topic, 80% of my training is with automotive sales people and all too often they talk about the “deal” or the car and it’s accolades without having an engaging conversation with their client yo find out what is important, or what their unique problem is. How can we help our customers if are not constantly asking ourselves “what can I do yo help my customer?” “Is this good for my customer?”. We’re not helping or closing if we are promoting!

  7. The brochures are useless unless they are tied specifically to what the client wants and values. I think you should leave them behind until you know enough about the customer that the materials can speak directly to them

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