5 Steps to the Perfect Solution Presentation | Sales Strategies

There comes a point in every sales cycle where you have to present solutions to the client and I often get asked how to do this. Here is my presentation process for you to use.

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First, start by stating the challenge, problem, or whatever the client is trying to accomplish. You might use a statement along the lines of, “Mr. Customer, you said that you were trying to do A, B, and C.” Make sure the customer hears that from you right up front.

Next, talk about the features of the product or solution that you’re offering to the client. Make sure to list all of the products or solutions that you want to recommend and the features that are associated with each that can solve the problem. Then we get to the “secret sauce”.  I want you to say, “The benefit to you is…” or “This will help you because…” You’re going to need to list off all the benefits that are associated with the features of your products or solutions that are going to fix your customer’s problem.

Finally, offer proof that your product or solution works. Provide the customer with case studies, testimonials, or proof points that can be used as examples to prove that the benefits are in line with what the customer is looking for. Once you have done all that, then you can start talking about the investment.