The True Test of a Seller’s “Rolodex” | Sales Strategies

I want to build on the tips that I discussed with you last week about the sellers that you should not hire. Something that remains true is that we want to hire sellers who are well connected and back in the day, that meant that we hired sellers for their Rolodex.

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Social media is today’s version of the Rolodex, especially LinkedIn. Many of you are probably thinking of recruiting people by going on LinkedIn and seeing who’s connected with who right now.

Here’s a tip for you. You want to hire sellers who know how to engage with people, not just who are connected to other people. When you’re interviewing sellers and going through resumes, a good first step is to go into LinkedIn, look at their profile, see who they’re connected with, and how they’re engaging with others.

Are they constantly sharing other people’s high-value material? Are they commenting on the material? Are they actively engaging in conversations with people? Have others endorsed them or left them references and testimonials? If they’re engaging online, then they’re the type of person who can also engage offline, which means they aren’t just well connected; they know how to use those connections to build a business.

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  1. fantastic tip. I feel this is a way to see if new sales people actually know how to network and communicate.

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