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When it comes to buyer behaviour trends in the marketplace, I’m noticing—with research and my clients—that more and more buyers are utilizing social media to help them make decisions about products and services that they’re buying in the B2B marketplace. I’ve seen some studies that illustrate that it’s up to 85%. However, whether it’s 50%, 60%, or 85% in your marketplace, you cannot ignore this trend.

The Power of 3

My recommended social media strategy for you is called “The Power of 3.” Do these three things three times a week on three different platforms of your choosing—Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Facebook:

1.) Share unique, high value content. Create an article, video, write a comment, a how-to tip, or take information your company has created and repost it. This will show your thought leadership or content expertise in that particular area.

2.) Share three pieces of content from other sources. This could be news articles that your customers will want to pay attention to. It could be another customer’s content or product announcement that is of high value. Then, add your one sentence commentary about why you think this is important for your customer or network to know.

3.) Three times a week comment on your customer’s articles or posts. It could be a simple question,  thought provoking comment, or a congratulatory note. What’s important is that you are letting your customers know that you’re paying attention and listening to them.

That’s “The Power of 3″—three times a week on three different platforms where you share three pieces of your own unique content, three pieces of other content, and comment on three posts.

4 responses to “The Precise Formula for Social Media Success | Sales Strategies

  1. This is an awesome post and process for Social Media success. Thanks Colleen for sharing!

  2. ” Power of three” Good concept indeed. It makes the task easier and bring balance to your strategy. Thanks.

  3. How does one combat social media backlash? If you have a customer that wasn’t 100% satisfied and they leave public comments on your social media posts or profile, how does one deal with that?

  4. I believe you address it by answering the complaint publicly. You have a chance to address the issue, ask them to reach out to you, solve the problem, and/or defend yourself. 100% transparency is the key.

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