You’re Either Digital or You’re Dead

In today’s world, you either decide to be digital or you decide to be dead.

What’s your choice?

Here’s the thing, you could have a thriving and incredibly profitable business with raving clients across the globe, but, if there’s no evidence of this online, your business will still look lifeless.

This is simply the world we live in today.

We’re all virtually glued to our smartphone, have our laptops with us more often than not, and almost every industry and profession these days requires some form of screentime.

In the minds of consumers, every business is online. And if they’re not, they’re no longer in business.

The truth is, about 60% of all transactions are now done online. This is no longer a market where online sales is a small subset of overall transactions. It’s now the majority, and your business needs to reflect this fact. Consumers are also becoming more and more dependent on online reviews from other users. A 5-star rated business on Google will virtually always have more appeal than a 3.2-star rated business.

It’s also not enough to have a website built in the 90s that you haven’t updated in 20 years.

Being digital today includes:

  • Having an aesthetically pleasing, value-sharing and mobile-optimized website.
  • Being present on social media. Having an inactive Facebook page isn’t enough. Share value consistently across social media networks which make sense to your audience.
  • Sharing content related to your industry and audience. Ideally video content, and at least a frequently updated blog. Preferably a mix of both!
  • Broadcasting an email newsletter which helps deliver your content to your audience.
  • An online store and/or an easy-to-find contact area/services page on your website which makes connecting your online visitors to your paid services and products a simple process.

The time for a digital footprint being a “nice thing to have” is long gone. In 2019 and beyond, it’s an absolute necessity for your business to thrive in today’s world, both in the short-term and in the long-term.