The Power of a Fresh Start

This time of year has a certain appeal to it. I think all of us, to varying degrees, recognize the power of a fresh start at the beginning of each January.

The difference, of course, is between those who only recognize the fresh start and those who actually take advantage of it.

I challenge you, at this time of year, especially at the beginning of not only a new year but a new decade, to reinvent what you believe is possible for yourself.

Heading into 2020, you may have set a 25% or a 50% increase target for yourself. Great.

But, why not stretch even further?

Especially if there are people on your team or other teams or organizations who have been 3x-ing, 5x-ing or even 10x-ing your results, what’s truly stopping you from exponentially growing your sales this year?

It’s easy to buy into the idea of doing what you’ve always done, but this is an especially important time to consider whether or not you can do more. I’m almost certain you can, but it’s up to you to define what this means for you and to go after it.

You should also be considering the “long game.” People often underestimate just exactly what they can accomplish and who they can become in a decade.

This time, ten years from now, who do you want to be and what will you have accomplished? You don’t want to be thinking of the decade that “could have been” in 2029 when you have the opportunity right now, in this moment, to map out what you want to achieve over the next ten years.

Sure, what I’m suggesting you do here can technically be done at any time of the year or decade. But, ask yourself, if you’ve set “resolutions” or “goals” in previous years only to have them abandoned a month or two down the road, how much you’ve wished you could go back to the first few days of January.

Well, here we are.

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh start, and more importantly, don’t underestimate yourself.


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