Are You Interesting?

NewBlogMay1 Have you ever wondered what makes you and your business more interesting to your prospects and clients?

It isn’t hourly updates on Facebook or a picture with a celebrity. In fact, what makes a business more interesting to prospects often eludes most business owners.

In order to generate true interest from your clients, as well as create engagement and more business, you must first demonstrate interest in them as human beings. ← Click To Tweet

Many salespeople often forget that clients are people. They aren’t walking wallets or talking POs. When you treat them as such, you will often lose the opportunity to create a valuable, long lasting relationship. Even the most distinguished decision maker would rather be spoken to as a person than a number.

There are several actions you can take to demonstrate to your prospects and clients that you care about them:

1. Try asking them questions pertaining to their life and their business, or celebrating personal and business milestones with them.
2. Don’t let your conversations be solely about business, but at the same time avoid meaningless small talk.
3. Get to know your clients and let them get to know you. By doing so, you can create real conversations and generate real interest. This is how successful salespeople generate more business than their less successful counterparts.

Always remember that genuine interest is reciprocal. The more interested you are in others, the more interesting you are to others. When you create mutual interest between yourself and your clients, you open up more opportunities for engagement. You also create a customer that is more likely to buy from you and remain a long-term buyer.

While most salespeople focus their attention on creating satisfied customers (which is also important), recent studies indicate that continuously engaged clients spend 46% more than just satisfied customers.

Imagine creating an entire customer base that is not only happy with your current product or service, but is also genuinely interested in your business and your upcoming products as well. Such a scenario results in increased referrals, testimonials, and of course, repeat sales.

It is a simple formula – Interest creates engagement, and engagement creates profits. You may or may not be able to control the quality of your product, or your industry, but, you can control the level of interest you create between yourself and your clients.

This free resource can help you learn new and innovative ways to build relationships with your clients and prospects in order to generate more profits.

Share with me in the comments below: What is the number one way you engage with your clients and prospects and keep them interested?