The Critical Mistake Sales Managers Make | Sales Strategies

The most successful organizations I work with right now are nimble. That means they are quick to conduct meetings and action important ideas.

If you want to successfully come out of the economic crisis, you have to embrace nimbleness.

Conduct Regular Meetings

Let’s face it: your sales team right now are head down trying to finish their work. They’re always focused on their pipeline, territory, and the opportunities. They’re not lifting their head up and talking to the people around them, especially if those people aren’t in the same office. Thus, it’s up to you to bring them together. I encourage you to organize meetings once a week for one hour.

Share Ideas

During these meetings, it’s imperative to foster an environment of idea-sharing. When that’s accomplished, someone will inevitably say, for example, “Hey, I never thought about that!” In fact, I was recently in a meeting where somebody brought up a great idea. And by the end of that meeting, their marketing department already started actioning it. That is what being nimble is all about! You can’t be nimble if people aren’t aware of the opportunities.

Welcome nimbleness and I promise you your pipeline will fill up with great new opportunities and your team will be energized.

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