Are Your Value Statements Stale? | Sales Strategies

Are you sharing the same messages today that you were sharing a year ago with your clients? Are you approaching them with the same value propositions, teaching them the same things, or providing them with the same insights today as you were a year ago?

If so, I have news for you: you’re at risk of being, at worst, irrelevant and, at best, commoditized.

Value Messages: A 2-Step Process 

You need to change your value messages to meet the needs that your customer is facing at this time. How do you achieve that? I have a simple two-step process that you can follow.

1. Ask yourself what’s changed: what’s changed in my world, what’s changed in the customer’s world, and how can I tailor my messaging to meet that change.

2. Ask yourself what’s top of mind for your customer: what are they thinking about, what are they doing, what are they most concerned about right now, and how can I change my value messaging to meet the needs of that particular customer?

When you accomplish those steps, you will be incredibly present inside the mind of what’s most important to the customer, leading to a non-stop sales boom.

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  3. All great sales teams have a value message, but many don’t realize they need to change their value message periodically. When the needs of the prospects change, the value message needs to adapt with it. Big events like the pandemic should also prompt savvy marketing and sales professionals to review and rethink their approach.

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