Why So Many Sales Strategies Fail

Have you ever put together a sales strategy which you believed to be near flawless, only to see it fail in the long run? In my 12 years of consulting, I have rarely (and I mean rarely!) come across a seriously flawed sales strategy. However, I have come across many (and I mean many!) sales strategies which ultimately fail. So, what’s the missing link? If most sales strategies are sound and concrete, why do so few of them make a lasting impact? The key is in the execution. That’s right, most sales strategies don’t fall apart because they are bad strategies, they fail when they are put into action and implemented! I once had a sales VP complain to me about her failed sales strategy. When I asked her about the implementation of this particular strategy, she admitted that she had never really looked into how it was actioned. In fact, she hadn’t even presented the strategy to the sales reps who were expected to create success with it...seriously! Here are a few steps to ensure that your sales strategy achieves success beyond it’s conception.

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