Why So Many Sales Strategies Fail

Hand drawing a game strategyHave you ever put together a sales strategy which you believed to be near flawless, only to see it fail in the long run?

In my 12 years of consulting, I have rarely (and I mean rarely!) come across a seriously flawed sales strategy. However, I have come across many (and I mean many!) sales strategies which ultimately fail.

So, what’s the missing link? If most sales strategies are sound and concrete, why do so few of them make a lasting impact?

The key is in the execution. That’s right, most sales strategies don’t fall apart because they are bad strategies, they fail when they are put into action and implemented!

I once had a sales VP complain to me about her failed sales strategy. When I asked her about the implementation of this particular strategy, she admitted that she had never really looked into how it was actioned. In fact, she hadn’t even presented the strategy to the sales reps who were expected to create success with it…seriously!

Here are a few steps to ensure that your sales strategy achieves success beyond it’s conception.

1. Communicate Your Strategy

Communication is key in every business. Far too often we work with assumptions alone, and that can mean trouble in the long run. Be sure that the salespeople you expect to action the strategy are provided with the information, tools, and resources they need in order to succeed.

2. Get Your Team Involved

While it’s a great first step, communication alone will not create the success you’re looking for. Ensure that you ask for your team’s commitment, solicit feedback and help them set goals which are in alignment with your sales strategy.

3. Monitor Progress

Monitor your team’s progress on a weekly basis. Also be sure to coach them for performance improvements, and hold them accountable for the goals that they have set for themselves.

4. Compensate Accordingly

Always remember to provide appropriate compensation for successful strategy implementation. Salespeople are notorious for working in the exact way that their compensation suggests they work. If you don’t appropriately reward your team for the activities you want driven, they simply will not get done. Click To Tweet

These steps take time and they take dedication, but as you know, all good things must be worked for! If you work through these steps diligently, you can rest assured that your team will work in alignment with your vision, and you will dramatically increase your success with sales strategies.

Comment below! How often do you monitor your team’s progress with new sales strategies?

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