Know the Different Types of Customer Value | Sales Strategies

Over the past few months, due to travel restrictions, companies have been conducting more and more product training sessions. I'm not opposed to product training, but it's critical that we don't pitch product features to our customers. Instead, what we need to do is transition product training into value training.


Why Workshops are Bad for Salespeople

Workshops and learning events can be the least effective—and for some, even the worst—places for your salespeople to get the training they need. You heard that right. Now, let me explain.

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How to Ensure Sales Training Fails

When was the last time you examined your manager's behaviour and how it affects sales performance? Over the last 16 years I have facilitated thousands of sales workshops. The vast majority have been effective with a high ROI and a few have been a waste of time and money. When I examine the workshops that were not a success, I find that they all had at least one of the elements below:

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