Hand holding chalk highlighting concept of hiring the right salesperson.

Hiring the Right Salesperson

Hiring the right salesperson for your team can be a hassle. They can have all the right experience, results, and seem like an ideal fit during an interview.

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Are You Attractive to Top Sales Talent?

Get creative. That's my advice for any business owner or sales leader about to embark on a new phase of recruiting. Far too many leaders stick to the same old, same old when it comes to their recruitment process and trying to find top sales talent to join their team. It's surprising to see how many organizations stick with ads in the paper, online postings and even using the same recruiters they've used in the past. They don't switch things up! The result? The same tired and boring resumes that keeping flocking in. Sure - you may find a great hire in that pile of resumes. But, generally speaking, if you want to find a "stand out" candidate, don't use a worn out process to try and attract them. Here's how you can add a little creativity to your hiring process:

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