Five Common Sales Mistakes

Are common mistakes negatively impacting your numbers? Many salespeople like to get into the "nitty-gritty" of why they are not succeeding. They search high and low for advanced sales techniques and try to find answers as to why they’re unable to hit their sales targets. Does this sound familiar? You may just need to simplify things. The answers you’re seeking could be right under your nose! There are five mistakes that many salespeople make but don’t even address when trying to improve their sales. Studying and implementing these simple but crucial strategies will help you maintain a competitive advantage.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

You may periodically see images on my Facebook page or my website of me with my Harley Davidson. Especially with the weather warming up, it’s just about time for me to take my bike out of the garage and start riding again. It’s more than just the thrill of riding a motorcycle that gets me excited. I originally failed my first motorcycle exam and became discouraged. After passing the exam in my second attempt, there is a sense of triumph every time I hop on my bike. With another motorcycle season just around the bend, I can’t help but connect the parallels between motorcycles and sales (are you surprised?). With my particular situation, I was able to learn two lessons that you can implement in your sales strategy.

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