The 3 Biggest Sales Engagement Myths

Despite changes to our selling marketplace, too many sales professionals are rooted in beliefs about customer engagement that simply aren't true. That's why today, I'm going to dispel the three big sales engagement myths.

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Becoming a Solutions-Oriented Sales Leader | Sales Strategies

I recently completed a number of studies regarding sales leaders and their salespeople. And one element that keeps resurfacing is that their salespeople are reporting that they want their leaders to be more solutions-oriented. When I examined this closely to determine what that specifically meant, I discovered salespeople want—during a coaching session or sales meeting—the sales leaders to help them solve their problems.


Sales Engagement by the Numbers | Sales Strategies

A recent study from Rosetta showed that engaged and satisfied buyers are 50% more likely to reorder, spend 200 times more than the average customer per year and they display brand loyalty 5 times higher than any other buyer.

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