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A recent study from Rosetta showed that engaged and satisfied buyers are 50% more likely to reorder, spend 200 times more than the average customer per year and they display brand loyalty 5 times higher than any other buyer.

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One simple way to get these buyers is by using metrics based on your customer’s metrics. A client of mine who is in the supply business was outperforming industry metrics in all areas, but we couldn’t understand why the company’s market size was shrinking and sales were slowing. They discovered that the metrics they were measuring their success on were out of alignment with metrics that their customers were using for success, which were lower in all areas for them. This included order accuracy, order delivery, and quote turnaround times. In all cases, the customer had higher expectations than even the industry standards.

When my client recognized this, they reorganized the entire company’s KPIs to ensure that they were meeting their best client’s metrics. They got together on a daily basis in a war room and they tracked those metrics and their progress towards meeting the customer’s goals. They were reaching out to their customers to get them involved in their success and measured the metrics on a monthly basis, quarterly basis and an annual basis until they reached the levels of the customer’s expectations. In doing so, their market share increased, their profits increased, and they were able to keep both old and new customers engaged and satisfied.

How are you engaging your customers to create a high-level of satisfaction and engagement? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This would be a wonderful panel discussion or breakout session at an industry conference regarding the metrics they use when hiring people like us … speakers, consultants. (Perhaps a topic for a CAPS conference with invited industry guests?)

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