Garbage in, Garbage Stays

It's common for people think  "garbage in, garbage out." However, in sales the opposite is true; garbage in, garbage stays! In other words, if you keep making tragic mistakes in managing your team and your territories you will produce a garbage year. So, while it's common at the start off the year to create your annual "to do list" or goal list, you must also create a "not to do list" of  specific "garbage activities" that are hurting your sales. Here are the top 16 "garbage activities" for your 2016 "not to do list." STOP….

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Are You Hiring for the Wrong Reasons?

There is a real art when it comes to hiring. Have you noticed how some people simply know the best candidates to hire for their business? They hardly ever screw up when it comes to recruiting, and as a result, they attract and retain top sellers who perform and achieve great long-term results. Don't leave your recruitment success to chance.  <--- Click to Tweet Learn what top recruiters are doing to find the best fit for their business. Here are some of their secrets!

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