Are You Hiring for the Wrong Reasons?

Choose the right person, searching people

There is a real art when it comes to hiring. Have you noticed how some people simply know the best candidates to hire for their business? They hardly ever screw up when it comes to recruiting, and as a result, they attract and retain top sellers who perform and achieve great long-term results.

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Learn what top recruiters are doing to find the best fit for their business. Here are some of their secrets!

Don’t hire because of:

  • Their rolodex / contacts
  • Seniority
  • Experience in your business
  • Location
  • Knowledge that they were successful
  • Simply liking them

Do hire because of:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Listening skills
  • Experience with a similar buying process
  • Knowledge of why they were successful
  • Universal fit, and that at least 3 people in the company liked them

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