Businessman building a bridge via wooden blocks.

Build Bridges, Not Tunnels

It’s one of the biggest challenges you face with a new customer: scouting out the landscape of their organization and determining who the decision makers are (and aren’t).

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Catching a Loss Before It Happens | Sales Strategies

I've been emphasizing to a number of clients the importance of creating an “early warning system.” It’s a system that helps you identify and prevent client departures. And one of the biggest warning signs or triggers we have discovered is engagement. Specifically, a reduction in engagement or a dramatic change in engagement style.


Even the Best Sellers Need a Referral Refresher | Sales Strategies

I was surprised when one of the clients I’ve been working with for close to 10 years asked me to discuss referral selling for a sales roundtable I was going to facilitate for them. I was surprised because this client is exceptional at what they do: millions of dollars in services and their top salespeople are constantly hitting records.


An Important Step in Upselling

Many salespeople understand the value of upselling but don’t understand how to take advantage of an opportunity to upsell, especially within their existing client base. Want to know the good news? There is one clear and fairly simple step you can take to increase your chances of receiving opportunities to upsell. For each new customer that you acquire, set up an interview within 30 days. The purpose of conducting an interview is to ensure client satisfaction and to create an open stream of communication between you and your customer. However, this interview is also an opportunity to understand your client’s potential to become a bigger customer in the future. During this interview, (which must be done over the phone - not over email!) ask questions similar to the following:

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