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This week, I want to examine the ideal client. Because, far too often, we have a superficial picture of what the ideal client looks like.

As I watched companies navigate the market volatility over the last couple of years, I noticed companies that had a diverse, well-balanced portfolio came out of those challenges the easiest, fastest, and most profitable. So, here’s what I’d like you to consider: instead of an ideal client profile, think of it as a continuum.

Clients as a Continuum 

Have your ideal small, mid, and large customers on a continuum. This way, you create a balanced portfolio and pipeline of small, medium, and large businesses. In particular, companies that operate on the fringes of your ideal market segment can ultimately become your ideal market segment. It’s important to test the waters in different areas to see if expansion or diversification is something that your business can tolerate and thrive from.

Thus, to ensure your success in future volatile markets, it’s important to create this ideal client spectrum and build a well-balanced portfolio and pipeline.

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