Sales and Business Lessons from Mykonos

After a week in Mykonos, Greece, I’ve determined that Myconians are the most hospitable people in the world. And, I believe that the best investment any hospitality business can make is to send their people to Mykonos for observational training.

The way locals interact with their customers is outstanding. It’s memorable. And, it’s definitely profitable. 

Here are 4 general observations:

  1. It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly, but it makes you iconic. We are obviously tourists, yet every shop owner, artist, restaurateur, waiter and hotel worker treated us as if we were going to be regular and lifelong customers. Myconians have a genuine happiness as they interact with everyone, making you feel like a friend, not a customer. Complimentary desserts, a gift of earrings in a jewelry store, dancing with us at the hotel. All memorable experiences that will make me talk about this island forever. What extra value do you deliver to make your customers feel special?
  2. Pride. Related to their enthusiasm for life, Myconians are proud of their island, their artists, their food, and their culture! They talk about it with such passion that you are compelled to try every recommendation. Are you an evangelist for your business?
  3. Embrace your market. Myconians know that they are a tourist destination, and they love tourists. Do you love your customers?
  4. It’s what you do that counts. Make eye contact, smile, offer a surprise gesture. Be generous and genuine. Do your clients see the real you?

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Stay tuned for a few more specific posts on experiences we had, and how you can apply them for growth in your own business.

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PS. The picture in this blog image is a shot of our mastermind group with my business coach, Alan Weiss.

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