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March 24, 2017

Throughout this year, we’ve been talking a lot about the hallmarks, the characteristics, and the personality types of the top performers.

One other thing that I’ve noticed when I’m working with sales teams is that the very best performers treat their territories like their own business.  They manage that territory as if they were the business owner of that territory and they do a couple of very specific things differently from other sellers.

The best performers don’t necessarily rely on their marketing teams for their leads. Click To Tweet

They create all the opportunities that they need on their own and then treat the leads that marketing teams would send them as extra. That way, their pipelines are almost always overfilled. The top sales performers think that, “I have to control my own destiny.  If I turn over that lead generation and that prospecting to somebody else, I don’t have control over my own success.”

These performers don’t just take the leads they find and follow up with them. They’re also going out and asking for referrals, they’re networking, and they’re participating in their community to make sure that they have their own lead generation. They also manage their brands inside their territory as they would with a business, applying all the company regulations and oversight that they need.

In doing so, they add an entrepreneurial success to their market because they feel and act as if they are in control — they are creating their own success on purpose. As such, they create a nonstop sales boom that truly accelerates sales results.

What are you going to do this week in order to take control of your territory?  What can you do to say, “I own this business just as if I was the entrepreneur or the business owner?”  If you can ask yourself that question this week, I know that you will create exceptional success this year.

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2 responses to “Your Territory is Your Business | Sales Tips”

  1. Greg Woodley says:

    Way back in the 1980’s I worked for a large Australian company who operated Internationally.
    As salespeople we set up our own deals and prices on the products we imported.
    WE were taught to treat the business as our own.
    So in the deals we set up we had to consider, cashflow, financing costs (our buying payment terms and the terms we offered the client), stock holding costs, delivery costs and even had to help the accounts department get the bills paid on time.
    It was a great grounding for all I did from then on in sales.

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