My Top 4 Sales Travel Tips

Sales is one of those professions that often require a heavy travel schedule, so I thought sharing my top 4 travel tips could save you time and help you avoid headaches!

After all, showing up tired or even worse, late, can end a meeting before it even starts. And, our energy levels as well as how punctual we are can often depend on our travels.

So, without further ado, here are my top 4 travel tips:

1. Never Book The Last Flight Out 

It’s common knowledge that airlines aren’t always on time. They’re prone to delays and cancellations and if you travel often, running into one or both of these unfortunate scenarios is inevitable.

The last thing you want is to have your flight scheduled for the night before your meeting the next morning, receive notice that the flight has been canceled and not have another flight offered that same day to reach your destination on time.

2. Know Your Backups

Tied heavily into the last point, I always take a screenshot of other flight alternatives.

That way, should a flight be delayed or canceled, I’m already prepared and know exactly what I need to ask for.

You’re less likely to be at the whim of the airliner when you’re prepared and maintain control of the situation.

3. Sit in Row 13

If you’re sitting in economy, book your seat in row 13. People often avoid sitting in this row due to superstition and you’ll frequently find nobody sitting next to you!

Refuse to apply this step? That’s your prerogative, but, you’re helping further illustrate my point on why this is effective!

4. Carry On Your Luggage 

I can’t tell you the number of times that I was saved being able to get on an alternate flight because I didn’t check luggage.

There you have it, my top sales travel tips. Apply them, and I hope they can serve you as well as they’ve served me!

What’s one of your top travel tips for sales professionals?

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  1. Print the name and address of the hotel you’re staying at in the local language – so taxi driver from the airport knows very easily where you want to get to. Or even better a map in the local language (or both!) Particularly important in places which use different writing symbols to the ones used in your own language.

  2. This is an excellent tip. In most large Asian cities the front desk will give you business cards to give to the taxi. I’ve also used google maps to help with this as in Asia, the locations show up in local language but you can search in English.

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