5 Minutes to a Successful Sales Meeting | Sales Strategies

In my line of work, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of sellers don’t prepare for sales calls and leave opportunities on the table.

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I want to show you a simple 5-minute exercise that you can do to prepare for your next call or meeting.

First, ask yourself, “What’s in it for the buyer?” Why does the person that you’re meeting with want to meet with you? What’s in it for them and why are they motivated to meet with you?

Then, find out how you’re going to uncover the value that you bring and monetize it in the meeting. In other words, what questions are you going to ask to get at the motivation your buyer has for meeting with you?

Next, figure out your Plan A or your best case scenario. What does that look like? What is the primary goal that you want to fulfill? You’ll also need to figure out what your plan B is at the same time. Sometimes, you may not get to Plan A because things don’t go exactly as you planned such as the buyer doesn’t show up and someone else from the company is brought in. What is your next best case scenario?

Finally, what are your next steps for whether or not you get your Plan A or Plan B? You have to know what your ask is regardless of whether you get your best case scenario or your next best case. Otherwise, you’ll forget to ask for the next steps. If you don’t leave the sales meeting with those next steps in place and agreed to, then you’ll do nothing but chase and follow up with your buyer.