The Critical Way Buyers Have Changed

You may have noticed an interesting trend that has recently picked up steam.

Buyers are looking less for experts (this is not an excuse to NOT be an expert, by the way) and they’re increasingly looking for peers.

They want someone is equal to them and at the same level as them, even if they hold different titles from the person they’re buying from.

Here are two important steps you need to consider if you want to be perceived as a peer and build trust with your customers:

1) It All Starts With Mindset 

That’s right. If you walk into a meeting feeling like a subordinate or feeling superior, your rapport with the client will erode. You must first believe and feel like you have value to provide and that you are on the same level as your buyer. If you’re not believing it yourself, don’t expect other people to either! Start in your own head!

2) Make Sure You’re Armed With Questions

The best relationships aren’t one-way streets. That is, if you’re entering discussions with buyers with the intent of spewing as much information as possible within a certain time frame, you need to reconsider your approach. Peers collaborate on ideas, ask questions to each other and have real conversations.

Apply these two steps and create a peer-to-peer relationship.

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What other steps do you take to create a peer relationship with your buyers?