Making The Most of The Time You Have

There’s still time for you to make the most of the time you have.

Here’s what I mean by this: I’ve been talking for months on this blog about best practices in dealing with COVID-19 from a sales and business perspective.

We’ve covered looking at the positives, preparing for reopenings, and much more. I’ve also covered several live broadcasts about it!

In many parts of the world, we’re beginning to see some resemblance of “normalcy.”

We’re starting to see restaurants and patios open again, people walking outdoors, and malls opening their doors for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

Of course, we’re still not back to what things looked like in the “pre-COVID” days, but I think all of us are collectively hoping for continued progress in a return to normal…even if it’s a “new” normal!

Throughout the pandemic, and still today, I’ve been hearing more and more about people and professionals “getting more done” than they ever had before. Podcasts have been launched, services have been redeveloped, people have finally had time to renovate parts of their home that were long overdue!

And, this is my point. COVID-19 didn’t magically create 26, 27 or 35-hour days for us. But, when we were forced to stay indoors and cut out activities that normally consumed our time, we were suddenly able to make more of the time we’ve always had.

This doesn’t mean that we should isolate ourselves indefinitely and force ourselves to work on our goals, but I do think that the pandemic has helped “expose” the amount of actual time we do have in a day to accomplish more than we have before.

Perhaps the biggest professional lesson for us all is to make the most of the time we have, whatever that might specifically mean for you, your life, and your business!