Preparing For Reopenings

What are you doing to prepare for reopenings?

As more states, provinces, and countries begin looking at, talking about, and moving forward on reopenings of their businesses and economies, you need to pay close and careful attention to what this means for your business and its sales.

I don’t just mean your own organization reopening its offices, but rather preparing now for businesses that reopen its doors and how doing so will affect your orders, sales and business.

For example, if you sell heavily into an industry slated to open back up in your area within the next month, are you prepared for a potential influx in orders? Do you have the capacity to fill said orders?

More importantly, are you anticipating your clients’ needs as they reopen? You can’t simply assume their needs and wants will be the exact same as they were before the pandemic started.

So, what I’d suggest are a few things.

First, pay very close attention to the industries you serve and how potential reopenings may impact them. Second, get in touch with your clients and ask them how they anticipate their own reopenings and what they estimate their needs will be at that time. You can even be proactive and send them a list of suggestions based on your expertise, if applicable, to help them transition back to normalcy.

You, nor they, may have a clear-cut answer right now because, let’s face it, nobody really has any answers at the moment regarding the short-term and long-term effects of what we’re dealing with. But, you may be able to get a clearer sense from your clients.

Then, once you have some insights to work off of, begin planning and preparing to ensure that you can continue providing your services and products with as much efficiency and quality as possible, given the current disruptions.

This ensures that when things do return to normal, you’re as far ahead of the 8-ball as possible, rather than scrambling to pick up the pieces!

The time is now to plan for tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or later this year.