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A few weeks ago, I was facilitating a group of top performers. This is a group of sellers who single-handedly help the company meet their goals. It’s wonderful to work in an environment that has so many top minds.

During the facilitation, we looked at some sales stats and we found that in general, companies had a ratio of 200 attempts at outreach to every sale. That shocked both me and the top performers!

Now the top performers are doing some things to keep that ratio low. When we got into details, one of the things they did was ask for referrals so they didn’t have to reach out as often. They also were reaching out to more people in the buying decision, which helped them reduce the length of time that it took to make the sale and reduce the overall transactions. One thing they were doing that was dramatically different from their colleagues is that they were using multiple forms of media.

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For example, if the average amount of outreaches is 200 and there’s nothing you can do to change that, you can compress the time that it takes to make those 200 outreaches if you use email, voicemail, video conference software (Skype, Zoom, etc.), social media, and texting. However, if you only use one of those methods of communication, you can only use it so often before your client gets annoyed with you.

Whether it takes you 200, 20, or even 2 attempts to make a sale, mix up the media. You’re more likely to close more sales with people if you use a broad selection of all the communication methods that are available to you. You’ll hang onto those clients because you’ll be able to reach them more frequently to run health checks and key account management programs.

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  2. Great advice from the best performers. I find that a simple text can cut through the overloaded inboxes of people these days. Also, I have reverted to using postal services to share documents like contracts as it removes work for the customer or prospect and is less common that emails and calls.

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